NanoStar® NGS HLA System is an innovative and robust technology dedicated to all the HLA typing activities:

Bone Marrow

Organ Transplant

Donor Registry

The new NanoStar® technology has demonstrated its extraordinary ability to safely process large series of samples with extreme simplicity of implementation, positioning our company brand on the market as a real alternative.

Our NGS technology is based on Short Range (SR) PCR using Nano and Microfluidic technologies with a unique, fully-automated, library preparation method – increasing productivity, efficiency, standardization and reducing “hands on time”.

NanoStar® NGS HLA Typing kit

The NanoStar® NGS HLA kits target the major HLA genes – 11 loci – Full exon coverage. They provide High Resolution HLA typing results in less than 48 hours using 100 ng template DNA and are MiSeq compatible.

Kit components :

  • Bio-Nano® Primers
  • Bio-Nano® Index Mix
  • Bio-Nano® Buffer
  • Bio-Nano® Seq Primers

Analysis Software Presentation

Our NanoStar® NGS HLA Analysis Software is a user friendly, fully automated interface, enabling 6 digit HLA typing results within 48 hours for 48 DNAs. Perfectly adapted for the routine labs, especially when large number of samples must be checked before data export on LIMs, our sample validation process is particularly fast and fully secure.

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